Body Fix Injury Clinic – Sports massage and physiotherapy in Burham, Buckinghamshire

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  • Sports Massage

    Sports Massage

    Sports massage is an excellent way to get rid of minor aches and pains that might be stopping you from reaching your full potential.

    Treatments start from £30

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  • Ultrasound


    Ultrasound is useful at all stages of healing, making the healing process faster and more efficient and reducing the chance of an injury re-occuring.

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  • Injury Treatment

    Injury Treatment

    The treatment of injuries is a complex and very interesting process to full recovery. It can involve many different methods and tools, all of which can be executed at Body Fix injury clinic.

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Body Fix injury clinic is dedicated to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries from both the sport and recreational world.

At the clinic you can be diagnosed and treated for hundreds of different injuries of the body whether recent or long term.

Body Fix injury clinic offers sports massage, which has benefits for everyone, athlete or not. Sports massage is an effective technique for releasing tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system. It is important for athletes in the preparation and recovery, preventing injuries and helping to achieve optimal performance.